If Hillary Clinton loses….

I will be angry at her for not understanding that Americans are a forgiving people and all we want is an “I did it and I’m sorry” and we want it all at once and up front.

I will be angry at the Republican party for allowing a primary nomination circus to obfuscate the obvious talents of many talented individuals by a side show barker.

I will be angry at Donald Trump for more things than I can name, but most angry for his many “Big Lies” like calling Secretary Clinton a criminal and creating a lynch mob mentality over claims she did with emails exactly what he and his company have been doing with them for years and not owning up to it.

I will be angry at James Comay for stepping outside his expertise and allowing himself to get caught in the backwash of dirty water politics at a critical point in a presidential election.

I will be angry at Governor Christie and Mayor Giuliani for their acidic, rancid, blatantly self-serving political knife-wielding for someone they should know will toss them under the buss (well the Governor has already done that to himself and Mr. Trump as already hit the accelerator) as soon as the first available bus comes into view.

I will be angry at Bill Clinton for taking his past president status to an egotistical level never seen before and causing his wife untold problems because of it. Sometimes you have to know when the bus has left as well as when it is arriving.

I will be angry at sincere, hard-working Americans for their senseless willingness to participate in the dismantling of a system that has allowed them to land on television talking about dismantling the system instead of landing them in jail never to be seen again as might happen in the other kind of “democracies.”

I will be angry that I might have been wrong in believing Presidents Jefferson and Jackson were right when they said, “Given the facts, the average man (that was a long time ago) will invariably make the right decision.” Not, mind you, for the citizenry voting for Trump, but for believing that someone who has less understanding of American government than most freshmen in political science can walk into the White House, sit down in the oval office, and immediately know how to do anything. It might be a lovely fantasy; it is a frightening reality.

I could go on, but i won’t. Let me tell you what I won’t do if Hillary Clinton loses.

I will not scream “rigged election.”
I will not vilify the media for turning, tipping, or titillating the election.
I will not seek the deportation of Melania Trump for work visa violations

I will not encourage charges against Donald Trump for all the money he owes the little people he claims to represent.

And I will not seek a re-writing of the Constitution because it allowed, in my opinion, the least qualified individual in modern American history to assume the presidency.

What will I do? I will groan. I will have a stiff drink or two.

I will pick myself up, dust myself off, and then go about carrying out the duties of being the best American citizen I can in one nation, indivisible, under G-d, with liberty and justice for all.

If Mr. Trump loses, I hope someone on his team, starting with him, will pen, or verbalize, something similar.


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