Boy, Do I Need This!

Friends, my wife and I and my opinions are taking a bit of a break. we’re setting the alarm system, alerting the local constabulary of our absence, hired someone to come in daily to feed the fish and check the manse. So next week and maybe the week after I will be AWOL from these pages…

However, I have two reading suggestions for you. I’ve read them both and find them excellently written and offering great insight. Go find them:

“President Jabberwock and the Right Wing” by Brett Stephens, NY Times Op Ed writer

The other, published in today’s PB Post and written for the Washington Post is

“Why White Supremacists Always go After Jews” by Yair Rosenberg at Tablet Magazine.

Jew or Gentile there’s a lot in here I’ll bet hasn’t crossed your mind.

Enjoy my vacation everyone…!


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