Frankly My Dear….

So the Secretary of State called the President a “moron.”

The President sent the Secretary of State on an arduous trip to North Korea to negotiate about nuclear weapons and then tweeted to him that he was wasting his time.

The president sends the first lady’s regrets on an official visit she couldn’t make: she is standing alongside of him as he does it.

The president calls the leader of N. Korea “Little Rocket Man” and the leader of N. Korea uses a 75 cent word, dotard, probably not in the president’s vocabulary to say he’s….well, a moron.

The president calls Puerto Ricans lazy and says they are busting the Federal budget because they got swamped by the worst direct hit Hurricane in modern history–and reminds us relief efforts are so difficult because Puerto Rico in an island, in a very large ocean, the Atlantic Ocean.

The NRA graciously gets out in front of the post Las Vegas shooting by saying ok maybe bump stocks should be regulated.

The president calls the shooter “demented” failing to remember that the first piece of Congressional legislation he signed, which was about 3 paragraphs long, made it easier for people with a history of serious mental illness to buy guns.

Enter ISIS into this madhouse to claim this tall, white, wealthy accountant who drinks and gambles is actually a recruit of their’s. Hmmmmmmmm.

Oh there’s more but I lost my train of thought. I got distracted by a white rabbit that just ran across my computer screen looking at his watch and mumbling something about being late for something somewhere.

Anyway, a-midst all this insanity my bride and I became grandparents of a little boy so frankly, except for worrying a bit about whether rabbit hair will gum up the insides of my computer, I don’t give a damn for the moment about the world around me. Holding an infant as its grandfather makes tranquility–and hope–reign.


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