Which “Anti-” Is It?

So our President with the loosely hinged jaw is at it again. He has found a cell-mate for Hillary Clinton. As Hurricane Michael brewed itself into the lollapalooza it became, the President was off on the campaign trail whipping up the faithful. You gotta hand it to the guy. There was no better shyster at 19th-century state fairs or 20th century Coney Island than Donald J. Trump is today. As we used to say in Brooklyn, he could sell ice to an Eskimo in the winter.

One of my fascinations has always been how many “Eskimos” there always are who can be convinced that they need more ice in the winter. Of course, if El Presidente keeps snubbing climate change technology until the East River pours through the doors of Trump Tower, the Eskimos will need more ice and then he’ll say, “I told you so!”

Of course the Eskimo line in an old un-PC description of a snake oil salesman (no offense to the snake meant). Yet it serves. My close friend’s uncle, a life-long bachelor passed away in his apartment in LA. When she went to close things up she found closets-full, floor to ceiling, nooks and crannies piled high with goods stacked up like snow on a mountain before an avalanche, of goods he bought late at night from TV barkers.

In college, after midnight, I would get the 50,000-watt WCKY from the hills of Kentucky. They sold amongst other things bottles of Jesus’ tears. Honest to goodness! Later in life, a national magazine did an expose of such practices and they described the basement of a preacher’s church who faithlessly sold his faith all manner of supposed read Jesus crapola. The article described a boil-room basement filled with women opening envelopes out of which tumbled thousands and thousands of dollars every week. “Put your hands on the radio and I’ll pray for you! And then send your donation to….”

To me, it’s a head-scratcher as is the fact that so many millions of Americans can listen to a daily torrent of lies and misstatements, spoken so poorly that I can’t see how he’d make a living at it if he hadn’t been given a four hundred million dollar silver spoon with which to start supper. And here we come to the point–those lies. There are those millions who believe them. In other words, we don’t know if the country is following the Pied Piper or the lead lemming.

Now we come to the jail cell. The latest to garner favor for Trump’s jail key is an 80-year old woman who soaking wet probably doesn’t weigh 100 lbs. Yet the 6’2″ overweight President with the large hands,  has no courtesy for her age or experience. She is a long-term United States Senator. Yet he has no courtesy for her position, but she’s in good company because he has no courtesy for anyone who doesn’t agree with him on anything especially if they are a democrat.

Let’s take a political detour. We know that candidate Trump would not disavow verbal or monetary support from the alt-right. He had nothing bad to say about someone as bad as David Duke. Later as President he found bad guys on both sides in Charlottesville and said nothing about even the most terrifying scenes like the one of Neo-Nazi’s clothed in Hitlerian garb, taking a break and stacking their semi-auto’s in bivouac style in plain view. In plain view of what? A synagogue with terrified Jews huddling inside hoping this nightmare wasn’t going to turn into another Kristallnacht. And finally, our four-year snake-oil salesman has appointed to a premium position at the EPA someone who uses his personal electric device to follow racist sites like the one showing former president Obama and his first lady ogling a banana. I guess the good news is that it is his personal device.

Back to Diane Feinstein, let me throw this out for your consideration. She’s a Jew. Oh, I fully expect the classic retort, “Some of my best friends are Jews….” And that would be truer than most of the other stuff he says. But here this, a story of mine about a red-neck Tennessee plow-boy with whom I worked a summer job and became buddies–until he found out I was a Jew. He wrestled with the news and then confronted me with this: “You know I like you. It’s all those other cheap Jew-bastards I can’t stand.”

Lucky me. And that’s a true story.

To my mind that second jailer’s key might well not be for lie-unraveling, truth-telling, senior Senator Diane Feinstein. It may not be anti- Democrat or even Anti-Feminism. It might well be for Diane Feinstein the Jew.

Then there’s this from deep in the heart of Texas. A candidate named Siegel and a campaign manager named Aronowitz. I won’t even tell you if they are Jewish. I will tell you the punch line of a neo-Nazi joke: “Iceberg, Greenberg, Sternberg–makes no difference to me. They all gotta go.” Candidate Siegel sends his campaign manager to Waverly County, Tx with a letter demanding that Waverly County stop violating a decades-old Supreme Court decision and allow students at the 80% African American Prairie View University to register to vote.

For verification, since no one would sign for the letter, Mr. Aronowitz took a picture. He was arrested. Before being thrown in jail he said his boss was running for Congress. He was asked by a police officer which party he belonged to and was handcuffed after he replied Democrat.

How do these two stories go together? Having studied racism and racist groups throughout a 33-year professional career and participated in infiltrating someone into the KKK, I can tell you this. The thesis, my word not theirs, of these groups is this: Blacks, who lack the intelligence to upend American democracy themselves, are the tools of the world-wide, left-wing Jewish conspiracy that is trying to subvert America. And everybody knows that all Jews are Democrats. (Like many political lies, there is a modicum of truth to that statement. Since the Second World War, more than 75% of all American Jews voted for the Democrat’s presidential nominee.) The conclusion come to may not be yours, but it is theirs and that of a frightening number of millions of Americans.

To you dear reader this may seem preposterous. It is not. It is easily tapped into if you know where to tap–at least from my perspective.

Retired from a career of protecting and defending the Jewish people along with the human rights of all, Bill’s radar is still lighted by that genre of subject.

These topics and well as many others can be found here each Sunday (sometimes Monday or Tuesday…) on his webpage http://www.atleastfrommyperspective.net

And as Bill says with annoying regularity: “Read! It’s good for both of us.”




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  1. Since U wrote your latest book, my editorial services r no longer necessary for your blog. However, I will still be available.


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