Last week I told you a wonderful story about good people doing good things for people they don’t know. Let’s see if I can get a double dip on that.

My mom used to say that if my head weren’t attached I’d leave it somewhere. I went through a maddening period lasting almost through high school where anything I needed should have been clipped to my shift cuff like mittens used to be in kindergarten.

Most it was wind-breakers. I’d be on the way from school and get involved in a game. I’d overheat and take off my jacket, laying it on the sidewalk or on the fender of the nearest car. If I did the former the game usually ended far from where I put the jacket down and I left without it. If I did the latter sometime during the game the owner of the car would drive away not seeing my jacket on his trunk or rear fender. Faced with the inevitable question when I got home, “Where’s your jacket?” I’d have no good answer.

I tell you this as prelude. I went to Arlington, Va. last weekend for a family gathering around 3 birthdays. I packed carefully, in pod-like bundles, so that when I had to leave I only had to pick up each set of things and place them in the suitcase. I missed a few. Of course, I didn’t know that until I unpacked at the other end. But my philosophy about travel is if you have ID and a credit card, nothing but forgetting prescription meds is a calamity. There’s a CVS or Walgreens or the like on every alternate corner of the free world.

I had plenty to read including my trusty Kindle. Before I got into what I wanted to read I read what I had to read. That took a lot of time so, having slipped the kindle into the seat pocket in front of me, I got to it. ‘next thing I knew we had banged onto the runway at DCA and it was time to scramble towards the door because my wife was double-parked outside and I wanted to get to her before Homeland Security did. Yes, I left the Kindle comfortably nestled in the pocket right next to the vomit bag.

This flight originated in Ft. Lauderdale, Fl. It went to DCA, then made two stops before nap time in San Diego. I figure a lot of people had the chance to stick there hand into that pocket and find my Kindle, smartly identified with my business card that has landline, cell line, and website on it.

In the next few days, I will receive either an email. text message, or phone call either from some random person or the airline saying they are sending me my Kindle–at least from my perspective.

PS: ‘wanna bet…?


Sometimes it’s warped, sometimes, its weird, sometimes it’s insightful, but Bill Gralnick’s Sunday columns are always who he is saying what he things. For other such perspectives, including on the world condition, his website and link to his blogs, can be found at http//  His current excitement is the summer publication of his third book, this by Barringer Press, “The War of the Itchy Balls and Other Tales From Brooklyn.” It’s a hoot.





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