Don’t Shoot…A Fantasy?

“Hey,  Vern. What’s that noise? Sounds like waves of thunder.”

“Rufus look there’n  the horizon, that low, fast-moving cloud.

“Good Lord, Vern, it’s a cloud of partridges. Must be hundreds of’em and they’re comin’ for us.”

“Rufus grab them hundred count cartridges and start loadin’ fast as you can.”

“Man, Vern, I’m sweatin’ bullets.” Ain’t seen nothin’ like it since the war.”

“Just be calm. Let’em come but remember, “Don’t shoot ’til you seen the whites of their eyes.”

“And that’s the way it is”–at least from my perspective.


If you want to see how Bill Gralnick turned from a three year old afraid of his shadow to an irrascible political pundit you won’t find it in his new book, “The War of the Itchy Balls and Other Tales from Brooklyn.” Coming in late August, you will however find humor, pathos, and a few sustained belly laughs. Ordering information will follow.

Bill is taking a week or so off getting ready for the final preparations.

And remember, as he says, “Read–Its good for both of us!”

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