Birth Follows Pregnancy–Eventually

Dear Friends,

I’m overwhelmed with the number of things I want and need to write about so I took the easy way out and decided to use my page for my news.

Remember the famous “oops!” from the last presidential election? Well for those of us who promised you a July, then August publication date—ooops. I now have a written in blood promise that it will be September 15 or sooner. You’ll get a notice. I’ve learned more about publishing than I cared to and have decided the writing side is for me. I wanted to explain to you the hold-up. Then I got an idea. I’d tell you a bit more about what you will be coming your way. So here goes:

*You’ll see pictures of me at 3, 13, 30 and well older…

  • You’ll see vintage pictures of my family that will take you back to your own family events but also remind you of what we wore in those halcyon days.
  • There are period pictures of cars, one of which is a 1903 Willys Overland, more from the time of “A Tree Grows in Brooklyn” than Bill grows in Brooklyn. The story about it is a good one.
  • And you’ll see vintage pictures of Brooklyn’s scenes and sites that are both fun and educative.

Nor is that all. You’ll read:

*             quotes from the likes of the attached (see now you have to open it), Brian Williams, an Ambassador, and other notables

*             and fascinating reflections from a large array of famous Brooklynites some of whom I’ll bet, like me, you never suspected were from Brooklyn

And finally, you’ll read my stories when put together make up the growing up years of a kid from the Midwood section of Flatbush Brooklyn, stories I hope that will remind you of the iconic TV show, “The Wonder Years.” More importantly, they will, hopefully, remind you of the universal ups and downs we experienced as we toddled through childhood, bumbled through the middle school years, and got batted around as we, and our parents, tried to survive our adolescence.

Next week back to the real world–at least from my perspective





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