The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

The Good

It sure is nice to accomplish a “first” at 75. As you read this my first non-digital book is being released. This coming of age in Brooklyn series of stories is called, “The War of the Itchy Balls and Other Tales from Brooklyn.” In spite of the title (you’ll have to read the book to find out what itchy balls are), it is an easy, fun read, definitely rated “G.” You’ll find over three dozen vintage pictures and many more quotes from famous Brooklynites including one guy who sold the Brooklyn Bridge at least three times! As Ruth Ann used to say on Laugh-in, “And that’s the troot!”

The book is available at and If you like it, please write a positive review on Amazon (if you’re one of the last 14 people on earth without an Amazon account, which is free, you’ll have to open one).  As Mikey said of his Life cereal, “Try It You’ll Like It” and just like you don’t have to be Jewish to love Levy’s, neither do you have to be Jewish to love this book. So said Brian Williams, Carl Erskine, Rev. Steve Brown, Peter Bavasi, and Dr. Anthony Catanese. who, along with others, endorsed the book.

The Bad

As I write this another tropical storm is leaving the northern Bahamas dumping another six to eight inches of rain on that totally saturated and decimated place. As well as prayers, almost anything you can think of is needed and almost any charity you can think of is collecting things. As long as it is usable or edible they need it. Remember the Golden Rule, especially those in south Florida who by some quirk fate (along with Alabama…) missed ending up like the Bahamas. If we needed the Bahamians would give; they need so let us give.

The Ugly

Would that I could just say “our immigration policies,” but I can’t. The fact that some kind of temporary asylum can’t be worked out for those who have fled is sickening. People are going to go back. It is their country. Besides, the death toll, now at 50, undoubtedly will rise into the hundreds if not more. They have to go back to bury their loved ones. But can’t we give them a few weeks, or even months, to take a breath and get themselves together for the task at hand? We can, and we should–at least from my perspective.


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