Uncle Donald Wants You…

Like Joe Friday, just the facts that Uncle Donald wants you…

  • to believe that any facts are fake that he doesn’t believe
  • to believe that when he got an intelligence report from his DNI that he didn’t cover his eyes and ears, open his mouth and yell, “you’re fired!”
  • to believe that his newly appointed acting DNI is qualified when he is viewed in his current post as Ambassador to Germany as a light weight, has no intel experience but that he can hold both posts at once
  • to believe that constantly calling appointees acting he isn’t creating a chess game out of our government with important people gaining no tenure or experience
  • to believe the Russians aren’t again interfering when we and he knows they are
  • to believe that the Russians are supporting Sanders to help Trump
  • to believe that anyone who doesn’t believe him is part of one conspiracy or another and should be fired and replaced by “loyalists” and that a 20 something who was removed as his body guard is competent to run the HR office in the White House that is investigating who is loyal and who is not

and so on ad nauseum.

Uncle Sam Wants You


There have been several notable movies that have poignant pleas in them: Gone with the Wind when Scarlet pleads for Rhett not to leave, when the little boy runs out on the porch and yells, “Shane! Come back!” Slightly different but more relevant to this day is Alan Arkin yelling, “The Russians are coming! The Russians are coming!”

Guess what? It’s too late. They’re already here, possibly right inside the screen you are reading this on. Where do I lay blame? I’ll go with Stan telling Oliver, “This is a fine mess you’ve gotten us into” but substituting Donald for Oliver–And it is one fine mess–at least from my perspective.


Bill Gralnick appears here most every week. He wants everyone to know that his memoir, “The War of the Itchy Balls and Other Tales From Brooklyn” is in its second sales quarter and would love it if you’d buy it (amazon.com, B&N.com paper back or e-book).

And please remember his mantra: “Read: its good for both of us!”

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