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Barringer Publishing is proud to announce that author William A. Gralnick, author of “The War of the Itchy Balls and Other Tales From Brooklyn” has just been named a columnist for the Brooklyn Eagle. Born and raised in the borough of Brooklyn, New York, Mr. Gralnick has named his column, “Memories.” Each column will focus on events and memories that made Brooklyn distinctive during the 1950s. The first column, which appeared Monday, July 27 focused on Brooklyn’s famous trolley cars. The interactive column will ask readers to contribute personal memories. All future columns will be built around the reader’s memories as well.

The Brooklyn Eagle, published since the mid-1800s is a community newspaper with a world perspective. When Mr. Gralnick’s book was brought to his attention, Eagle publisher Dozier Hasty found it fascinating, and offered the author the opportunity to produce a regular column for his readers.

The Eagle can be had digitally three times a week, with news about the borough and the city. The paper has an historical page, “It happened on this date” events. It covers national news as it impacts the borough and the city, and includes two stunning pictorial pages of world coverage

Mr. Gralnick’s latest book is a memoir about his childhood years growing up in the 50s and 60s, in Brooklyn, New York. The book’s title is taken from one of the many stories in the memoir. The story describes the ill-fated attempt of a group of middle-class Jewish kids facing off against a neighborhood gang using “itchy balls” – the street name for the rock-hard American Sycamore tree’s seed pods.         

Mr. Gralnick takes us on a journey back to the days of Coney Island, Nathan’s and the Brooklyn Dodgers. From early childhood through his high school years, we get a glimpse of what living in Brooklyn during those “Wonder Years” was all about.

This coming-of-age half-life memoir is the first in the series. Told in the gentle voice of the TV show, The Wonder Years, the book talks about life through the eyes of a child from ages 3-17. Across its pages ramble memory-massaging stories of “Spauldeens” or “pinkie” rubber balls, subway trains and freight trains, trolleys, organ grinders and their monkeys that travelled with them, games that were played, schoolyards, dead-end streets, sidewalks, and porch steps called “stoops.”

The borough of Brooklyn, still New York City’s largest, is iconic. From its legendary baseball team to its world-famous bridge, Brooklyn is one of those places that doesn’t need a state to identify it. Even though there are other Brooklyns, and a beautiful fashion model with its name, when one says they come from Brooklyn that’s all that’s necessary. Only missing is the “Where in Brooklyn?” because even today, folks who grew up in one section often look, sound, and act differently than those from another section. You’d rarely mistake someone from Flatbush for someone from Canarsie. If Brooklyn were not a borough of New York City, it would be America’s fourth largest city

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