These words usually pour from my mouth, or depending on the situation, rattle around in my head, when I’m listening to the president. One of his latest “truths” was telling a reporter whose figures on death percentages differed widely from the presidents, ” You’re doing it by populations? You can’t do that!” We never did get a why not.

A weekly survey of the virus cases is a weekly head spinner for anyone who got past 3rd grade math. The figures don’t add up. Adding the new cases, one sees clearly on a graph that the figures are going up. The president seems to read upside down because his addition become subtraction.

Profit Analysis
who’s holding all the cards..?

Here’s one of my favorites. “Well if you don’t count New York, we’re doing marvelously.” Why bother then to count any state? It would save a lot of trouble and everyone would be happy if everyone just stopped counting–except those suffering desparately in hospitals or who are dead.

I know everyone’s hit of the week was the one about the then 150,000 deaths: “It is what it is” was his response, or his inability to pronounce one of America’s oldest and most famous national parks, Yosemite. This one is worthy of Yogi Berra:” “It (the virus) is under control. It’s as under control as well as it can be controlled.” Hmmmmm.

I’m venting. Those idiocies are not what I came to talk about. It’s the idiocies that follow. What I can’t believe is the shamelessness of American corporate executives. There were a rare few who decided that being exposed by the publicity showing their duplicity was more hurtful than the money was helpful. They gave it back. Most other corporations applied for money they knew they didn’t deserve.

Dollar Signs
Money makes (some people’s) world go ’round.

Give them credit, they were slick about it. Take Company A. It has X number of employees, Y in each of its stores. The parent corporation then submitted not for itself but for each of the subsidiaries as separate corporations. Since the pot holds a finite amount of money that means Tony the pizza guy or Harry’s Heros, there might not be enough left for them. Their business fails, their employees are laid off, and unless something happens quickly, they won’t be able to pay their rent and will be evicted. As Charles Wilson, tyrannical Chairman of General Motors once said, “What’s good for GM is good for America.” Another HMMMMMMM. That’s one example.

House Thief's
Don’t look now but that thief is corporate America

Here’s another. A large hospital chain has been giving its’ nurses masks and ordering their re-us. After a time or two, the head band detaches from the mask and it falls off. This endangers the nurse and the patient. Since it’s related let’s keep the follow up in the same paragraph. Have you seen the pictures of medical personnel putting on the defective PPE’s? When they get to the sleeves they are sealed up. Sometimes its the opening at the bottom. It’s closed. PPE then looks like a new device for a potato sack race. Sometimes both neither the hands or the feet holes are open. This is FEMA spending your tax dollars that we are being told are being saved by scouring the world for available supplies or buying from “prefered suppliers to stopped making let’s say tractor combines and suddenly were in the face mask business. What’s wrong with that picture? As my dad used to say, “You get what you pay for.” Multiply this example by hundreds or thousands of companies and the nurse by hundreds or thousands of hospital personnel who are working, many of them, 12-14 hour shifts, seven days a week, and day after day pronouncing dead patient after dead patient.

Moving right along we have the newspaper reporting that literally billions of dollars have been misappropriated. Again the pot of gold is finite. To shorten things a bit let me just repeat that people who’s lives are teetering on the edge of catastrophe won’t get any money. This screw up has been brought to you by the Secretary of the Treasury, someone from the world of very high finance who one would, or should, expect to know something about money. He is after all Secretary of the Treasury.

Albert Einstein
April Fool’s….

Now according to this gentlemen, who won’t release the records that show who got what, because a) it’s too costly to figure all this out (must also be a shortage of chalk and blackboards) and b) the object of the bill was to get money in the hands of the people, he says. Right hands or not, the money is out there in someone’s hands and being used. Seems to be a winning equation for him. Now all join me collectively: HMMMMMMM.

What I don’t believe is that over a third of the population thinks my fourteen year old niece has fallen prey to conspiracy theories because when she listens to the government’s horse-pucky, she goes, yes, “Really?” “HMMMMMMM.

This is what I can’t swallow, that about 33% of the population believe what we are being fed. It is incredible–at least from my perspective.


If you smell smoke, it’s not your computer, it’s Bill’s. He is not happy. None-the-less he soldiers on, like Paul Revere, trying to wake up the populace. You can find his other writings, many much calmer, some even funny, in this space every Sunday or on his website http://www.williamgralnickauthor.com where you can find his latest book, “The War of the Itchy Balls and Other Tales From Brooklyn.” On Amazon or Barnes and Noble, kindle, nook, or paperback. Try it, you’ll like it. And remember what he says: “Read! It’s good for both of us.”

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