Jewish Republicans: Monkeys in the Middle


                                                  William A. Gralnick

It is time for mainstream Jewish Americans to push their heads up out of the teapot and keep it there. If they would, they’d see things like this:

“At Popular Information, Judd Legum investigates some of the notorious white supremacists who have donated to Trump’s campaign. Actual Neo-Nazi leader Morris Gulett, who believes “the Jew is the literal child of Satan,” has given Trump at least $2,000. (Legum notes that Trump’s campaign was asked about Gulett’s donations over two years ago,but refused and refuses to respond.)”

“Other Trump campaign supporters include K.C. McAlpin, crackpot Peter Zieve, and (of course) rich racist Republican-backer Timothy Mellon, who’s shoved $10 million at Trump’s super PAC and $30 million towards getting Trump’s enablers in the House and Senate reelected.”

With their heads in the teapot I guess, my bretheren who are Elephants missed the mamzers who stacked their semi-automatic rifles outside the synagogue in N.C. ‘guess it was some of the good people on the other side.

Would someone show me the bills marked paid by Mexico for the Rio Grande Wall?

Mexican Sombrero Hat And Musta...
oh carita mia, where did I put the check book?

Does some CPA have an accounting for all the corporate dollars parked overseas that were coming back to be re-invested in America? No? Maybe Mr. Putin has copies. I’m sure he’ll dig them up as soon as he takes a breather from messing around with our elections. But I forgot. Another one of the good guys. But back to America.

We’re told 192,000 is “just a number.” Yes, it certainly is, one representing dead Americans from Covid 19. Back-peddling like a circus performer, Mr. Trump’s trying to get around the fact that Bob Woodward has him on tape (that’s ON TAPE!) admitting he knew the virus was a virtually unstopable killer, but chose “not to cause a panic.” Americans panic over the stock market, not health news.

Coronavirus Advice
no panic here

Here’s another number: 6 million. This time it isn’t the number of Jews killed in the Holocaust, that fracas that the folks a few paragraphs up deny happened but hope will happen again. Six million is in this context the number of Corona cases in this country, topping that of any other nation on the globe. And if you pricked up your ears, you’d hear the words, “herd immunity.” I don’t have enough space to describe it; look it up. In sum, it means more dead people than died in WW 11, Korea and Vietnam until the country reached a natural immunity balance.

And while we are speaking about war, it seems the president has the same antipathy for the military that he has for any suckers or losers who can’t claim billionaire status. Can you really believe in a president who values his hair staying in place more than joining allied leaders braving the rain to visit those who gave their lives for us during WW1? What he’s trying to lie his way out of now, is the very reason he should respect his generals. They haven’t pulled a coup d’etat and ended this reign of foolishness. His riposte? He wasn’t really talking about the military but the military-industrial complex of Dwight Eisenhower’s famous, correct, and ignored, farewell to arms speech. I’ll leave you to figure out that one. Next week however, I’ll share that speech with you.

Verdun War Cemetery
Death never takes a holiday

Don’t you also wonder why Donald Trump lied about seeing the Blake family pastor (they don’t have one to be seen) and why he wouldn’t even talk to the Blakes on the phone, no less visit them? Or wouldn’t even scold the boy from Illinois who came to Kenosha, killed two people and went home, walking on the street to the train station carrying his AR-15 past cops and soldiers while people on the sidewalks vocally pointed him out as a murderer, all 17 years of him. How about “Mr. I’ll Fix the Economy” illegally spending tax dollars making the trip to Kenosha a campaign stop no matter what he calls it?

The dormousers might scratch their heads at the thousands of lies bald-facedly told by Trump over the past three plus years or how he possibly is able to keep seeing “good people” on both sides of racial conflict.

Alice In Wonderland
look in the mirror–this is what you’re likely to see

I understand the Orthodox position. It is the same as in Israel. They are single issue voters, just like America’s Evangelicals. They are,”The hell with America so long as we cripple the separation of church and state.”

But the rest of you? When someone asks why there’s a tombstone that says, “RIP American Democracy,” you folks will have the honor of saying because I helped put it there.


Bill Gralnick is not a happy man, in case you didn’t notice. The time has come, he muses, said the Carpenter to the Walrus…” to do painfully direct with dollops of nastiness and sarcasm since Mr. Trump has said he is the the Republican platform. Thus he is the target.

Bill will “see you next week.” VOTE! VOTE! VOTE as soon as you get your ballot.


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