Hispanic Republicans-Where is Your Rage?!?

One of the problems of writing opinion pieces is that in a given week one can be overwhelmed with opinions. RBG is the latest example. Then it’s a case of, ‘The best laid plans…” You will recall that this week was to be the Eisenhower farewell address about the military-industrial complex suddenly remembered by DJT. It won’t be. Something so egregious, so sickening, so enraging has been brought to light that it can’t wait. First let me tell you what it isn’t.

Ballot Box Vote
the foundation of what makes us different

It isn’t the vapid insistence that the vaccine is just around the corner and the equally vapid assurance that it will be the end of the virus, disregarding the fact that it might not work and if it does 350 million people will have to receive it and some more than once. Thoght Congress could declare a national Vaccine Day and all 350 million of us would get shot at once…

Nor is it the Asst Secretary of Communication in Health and Human Services having Mt. St. Helens come out of his mouth spewing lava-hot conspiracy theories and warning of armed insurrections.

Add how one man seems to have garnered two billion dollars in contracts for the wall Mexico is going to pay for. I could go on, but the point is too important to short-change. The issue is the Mengele-like surgeries on Hispanic women in ICE camps in Georgia.

Are we like Mengele? Are we like the Army who infected our own with syphilis? Or the Evangelical pastor in Minnesota who messaged a reporter calling her an embittered Asian woman who should have her “clit” removed, assumedly to calm her down.

This is preposterous, indignant, outrageous behavior. To have a woman in detention complain of a “female problem,” be put under anesthetic for examination, and awake to find that her reproductive organs are gone alone with her reproductive rights? What on earth is going on here?

Woman With Red Flower

My hispanic friends, of whom I have had many over the years, forget politics. Look to your women. Protect them. This is a form of genocide. President Harry Truman had a sign on his desk, “The buck stops here.” Well, the buck now stops with Donald Trump. “Not knowing” is not an excuse. He is the CEO. Everyone in the Executive Branch is his responsibility. Either by encouragement or turning a blind eye, he has allowed this to happen.

Hands In Handcuffs
pray for the unprotected

The issue is not the economy. The issue is not protests in the streets or taxes or anything else. The issue is plain and simple–Hispanics being able to answer their childrens’ question, “Why can’t I have a brother or sister?” The very unsatisfying answer is, “Donald Trump.”

To my Anglo friends who have Hispanic friends or colleagues, please pass this along. Don’t you or let them turn a blind eye because what is happening is both wicked and evil–at least from my perspective.

Monkey's Background


Maybe next week Bill will do a work around with the Military Industrial Complex. But nothing trumps (not pun intended), the indignity being heaped upon human beings, in this case Hispanics ones.

Remember: VOTE! Vote! Vote! and if you can, don’t depend on the Post Office and its corrupt PM General to deliver your ballot. Find a drop box or take it to a polling place or election office.

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