• A million people world wide have died of Covid-19
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  • The global economy is in tatters
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  • Multitudes have been forced to change their way or living and their lives
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  • 207,000 Americans are dead from Covid-19
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Cemetary Graves On The Califor...
no explanation needed
  • Seven million Americans are sick with Covid-19
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  • Scientists say it is possible that number, and the numbers of deaths, will double by year’s end
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  • Nearly 1,000 Americans a day die of Covid-19 and 5,000 in Europe
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  • One in five deaths world-wide are Americans, far beyond our percentage of the world population
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  • A second wave has already hit Europe; it is predicated that will happen here
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  • States that attract snow birds, like Florida, will see surges of both flu and Covid. Those with the flu are likely to die if they also get Covid
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  • Cases have begun to increase in states and cities like New York now that schools, colleges, and bars are open.
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At times there aren’t even enough of these
  • States with negligible Corona Cases, like North and South Dakota, Wyoming, and Oklahoma are seeing spikes
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  • Nationally the country is still failing to produce sufficient N-95 masks or PPEs. If there is a fall surge, the scenes at hospitals will be déjà vu all over again.
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  • The vaunted instant tests, which are only 70% accurate, are being distributed so haphazardly by the federal government that the recipient institutions are often surprised by their arrival.
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  • Governors in many cases have had no say in where the tests are going in their own states
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  • Social scientists say the numbers are getting so big that people are losing the ability to have empathy, forgetting that each death has a familial ripple effect
Sad Man
Dear G-d, I’m so very sad.

This column could be pages longer with thousands of more words telling about the virus past, present and future. But you get the point I’m sure. The point being that you should


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