I’ve never been so happy to see something over than I am to see this election over. It will be nasty, bumpy road to January but the outcome, if not certain, is probable. And there lies the problem. Because there will be so much analysis, posturing, lawyering, second-guessing to come, today I’m going to list my thoughts on winners and losers.


  • Democracy. To the moment of this writing the majority of the citizenry seems to be happy or grumpy but accepting of the result.
  • The people of the United States who found ways to participate in the sacred rite of democracy and voted in historic numbers.
  • The vote tabulators. If you honestly don’t understand how votes are counted, as soon as your blood pressure lowers, read up on it.
  • The media. Never have so many professionals lost so much sleep over on election. It will take days for the adrenaline and caffeine to leave their systems before they can get a good, normal night’s sleep.
  • Fox News who while still leaving no doubt out their wishes and dreams, joined the real media, were second to make the big call, and spoke cogently and intelligently about what had just happened in spite of the bias and vituperative analysis they permitted on their airwaves.
  • Losers:
  • The Political Parties. They just couldn’t manage their messages well enough to produce a decisive victory. Nor does either one understand the groups that don’t support them i.e. Democrats have no clue what makes Latino men or black men tick.
  • The Trumps. America isn’t a mean place at it’s core. They didn’t understand that. They also don’t understand that America doesn’t like liars and that judges treasure their independence. That’s why they will be spending a lot of time in court rooms over the next two years–or much longer.
  • Diehard elected Trumpers who chose wrecking the system over accepting it. How they dig themselves out of the hole they dug for themselves will be interesting to watch, but history tells us that after a loss the losers don’t rise from the party to become it’s leaders. Sen. Graham became a well-documented flip-flopping fool. We’ll see how the next four years goes for him.
  • The Proud Boys, Boogaloo Boys, and other nut jobs. Run for your holes boys, we’re comin’ for ya.
  • The judiciary. How long will it takes to erase the stain of partisanship from it? If it doesn’t happen soon, it may last longer than the corona virus. The Supreme Court has been tainted but history shows that in many cases justices at both extremes move towards the middle on many issues. It’s the lower courts I fear for in these last four years of Mitch McConnel’s reign of terror over the Senate.
  • The election system. “All powers not expressly given to the Federal government are reserved to the states.” Election law is one of them. American elections remind one of Mickey Mouse in the Sorcerer’s Apprentice. Chopping the election broom into 50 pieces has produced a system that is preposterous. American democracy has rested on its laurels for too long. Like our infrastructure system, our election system is close to collapsing. Rubber bands, gum, and spit can hold for only so long–at least from my perspective.
  • ==============================================================
  • Ruminations on various parts of the election and the system that produced it will continue–but not ad nauseum. On another note, it’s holiday season. Celebrated by giving yourself or someone else a copy of “The War of the Itchy Balls and Other Notes From Brooklyn.” kindle or paperback. Oh yes…please.

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