How to Stop the Trump Train

There’s always impeachment We did that already. Unless Democrats win both races in Georgia it again will produce a half a loaf. What then? I’ll give you a hint. “Money makes the world go round.” You can double that when it comes to our unwell president.

First let’s understand that once out of the White House Trump is an unprotected as a new born doe, maybe less so. He owes close to a half a billion, yes with a “B,” dollars. Deutschebank alone could bankrupt him. Some of the more nepharious characters he’s borrowed from might not care he’s a past president and decide to make his life, and that of his family, scary to the point of dangerous. Protection from the Secret Service is far lower than it is for a sitting president.

Baby Antelope
no mama to protect the unprotected baby

Aside from not wanting to pay back his loans, he also wants to buy things. The most common thought is a TV/radio station. There he could become the new “Doubte Dittos” or out flank Fox. Rumor has it he wants to run again. You think his mind in soft now? Wait four years. And to his loyal supporters, having had four years to digest what they got suckered into, he might find that the party, no matter what its size and shape, would not role over for him. Remember how many folks were on the stage with him during the debates. They’ll all still be around and he’ll be banded with his most hated word “loser.” Rarely does the out party choose a loser to lead its next campaign.

Chalk Sketch Of Loudspeaker An...
Need more be said?

To do all this and more takes money. And that’s the secret. Let’s approach slowly. When you set a password many times it is graded: weak, moderate, excellent. A weak approach would be exactly what is happening now. The Deomocrats are screaming blue murdur, Biden is chumming the political waters with honey, and Trump keeps coming up with schemes and scams faster than rabbits make babies.

A moderate approach would be this. Have an organized coordinated set of street marches. Start small in size and number, day after day, build and build in size. Have them in different cities around the country. Do them as flash protests, with a little advance notice as possible. This will cost mayors and governors a fortune and they in turn will turn on their representatives and senators who will in turn turn on the President. A day should not go buy that the White House isn’t ringed 10-20 people deep for the world to see. Roads to Mar A Lago and and Bedminster–same thing. Let horns blow like Joshua’s. No place the President turns can he escape being excoriated for his idiocy.

Colorful Crowd Of People Of A ...
the voices of democracy

The strong password is money. As we said, it’ makes the world go round. Trump Tower is reported to be peeling gold flecks from its walls and toilet bowls. Shall we say, “it needs work.” The president owes almost a half a billion dollars and within six months you can bet someone will have leaked his tax returns. Put real pressure on his banks and his tax people. Say it loud, say it clear–an audit does not prevent releasing one’s tax returns.

Businessman Carrying A Heavy S...
a picture speaks a thousand words

Finally the lollapalooza. Begin to bring pressure on the very people who could possible help Trump out of his financial swamp. All it takes is one Sheldon Adelson, or his ilk, singly or in a group to write a letter to elected Republicans and/or major newspaper excoriating the president’s machinations and threatening to cut ties. Maybe thrown in a bruiting around of whether or not the GSA head can be prosecuted for treason. If the president doesn’t have a heart attack, he’ll change his ways. Why? Check mate. At least from my perspective.

This is no doubt as our British friends would say, “a sticky wicket.” But Bill feels there is no choice but to take a whack at it. The rafters must be raised. Trump must stop–and go. If the colonists beat the king, we can beat the Wizard by putting back the curtain.

If you need something lighter don’t forget a great holiday gift for you or other: “The War of the Itchy Balls and Other Tales From Brooklyn.” Amazon kindle or paperback. A lot easier to stomach than what’s above. Happy, healthy, safe Thanksgiving!

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