William A. Gralnick

How can a 90 pound bulldog bring down a ton’s worth of horned steer? He runs right up the middle, chops on his nose, and does not let go. Eventually the steer just lays down. This is a parable about how to save American democracy. Let’s unpack it.

English Bulldog
wanna rumble?

The bull does not learn from the bulldog. Yet every coach of a team sport will tell you that defeat can be the best learning experience. If we are looking for the steer on the ground. Look no further than the Democrat party. If we’re lookin’ for a bulldog how about Margorie Taylor Green or Jim Jordan? How about Hannity and Carlson?

Devil Dressed In A Business Suit.
“Who knows what evil lurks in the hearts of man?” The Shaddow

What these folks have in common is that they are bulldogs. They latch onto what’s important and don’t let go. Tenacious doesn’t cover it. At this writing Carlson took Senator Marco Rubio to the woodshed. His spanking was merited because Rubio call January 6 a terrorist act. Rubio was being pounded so badly that he went on Carlson’s show to say he misspoke, what he meant to say… Carlson ripped in and cut him down. “I don’t believe you Senator, I just don’t believe you!” Carlson had his eyes on the prize and would not be diverted. So what is to be done? The answer lies in defining the problem.

In 1546 John Hayward, British philosopher wrote, “There are none so blind as those who refuse to see.” This we have to hang on President Biden. All he could see is the Senate he worked in. He could not see the Senate he had to work with. There is a glimmer of hope that he’s beginning to get it. A frightful amount of time has been wasted, given to the opposition, until the glimmer became apparent on January 6th.

Soldiers Firing The Guns Re-enacting The War In 1812
that was then…

There is one more adage that is far newer. “You must play the game with the rules that are set for it.” Players can scream and yell, curse and wave their arms. None of that changes the rules. This is the other piece of the problem. The Trumpsters and far right groups set the rules before the end of the last election. No one tried to change them; they became the rules of the game the savers of democracy had to play with.

Solving the problem is no simpler. You must see clearly what is in front of you and you must adapt to playing the rules that have been set for you. The question is how? Let’s go back to one of the most costly mistakes in human history, the Jews, the most literate and educated of Germans at the time, not seeing for what they were the lies of Hermann Goebbles. As each lie was propounded, or law based on a lie, the Jews created masterful treateses of refutation. Also before the corrections were issued came more lies, different lies. The Jews not only couldn’t research and write as fast as Goebbles could talk, they refused to see that is wasn’t the lies that were the danger, but the purpose of the lies.

A Time-lapse Of The Security Perimeter, Manned By National Guard Troops, In Front Of The U.S. Capitol Building At Sunset. The Fence Was Erected Following The January 6 Riot. The Camera Tracks Left.
this is now

Anyone wishing to shore up our democracy must understand that “the big lie” isn’t the issue. It is the reason for the big lie. The reason is to create an autocracy that will legitimately take over the levers of power the same way that the Nazi party took over the levers of power in Germany. To keep that from happening these tools are needed:

Tarnishing the players on the other side: These are seditionists and traitors. They must be called that and there should be no argument about it. Say it again and again. Attach names to it.

Personally embarrass the players: The lawsuits against Trump should be cited repeatedly. The tapes of his insulting treatment of the disabled reporter must be shown and re-shown. The tapes of his comments about women–over and over again. Speculate in public why Trump won’t show his taxes-does he give what he says he gives? He jiggers and re-jiggers his property values. And more. Highlight the suits and call for more.

Use the gavel in the Senate as a sledgehammer. Tempis fugit–and quickly. The racism grounded in the filibuster must be exposed and done away with. Those democrats against repealing the filibuster should be labeled as people tied to the hateful past of the reconstruction ear. Those who are hiding behind states rights issues to oppose voting rights need to be called out. Ram the pieces of the Voting Rights Act and the Build Back Better Act right down their throats.

Take a hard look at “The Supremes” Lots of countries have Supreme Courts. Many aren’t worth the chairs they sit in. They been turned into political rubber stamps for whatever tin horn dictator is in power. That can not be allowed to happen. The savers of democracy must figure it out. Term limits? Enlarge the court? Change the manner of selection? At the same time the president and the Supreme Supreme should be having talks about legacy and whether Chief Justice Roberts wants his legacy to be written by the Trump appointments.

Supreme Court Of The United States Building Front Entrance With A Scenic View Of Columns And Steps Under Bright Summer Sun In Washington DC, USA
Home of the Supremes

Embarrass the bad guys: Call for an investigation of Jim Jordan’s role in sexual abuse claims during his time as a coach. The almost countless Republican elected officials who have scandals–financial, sexual, or both–need to be called out and investigated. Remind Senator Rubio what Trump said about his wife and what he stood up and said to Trump. Then run his toady, boot-licking valentines to Trump now. A reminder. It isn’t the charge that is important its the purpose of bringing the charge to light–over and over again. So, roll the tape!

Lastly for now, we need a corporate pow wow: The president needs to bring the heads of the Fortune 500 and other key corporate leader. This should not be a political science seminar. This should be an “I’m he “f-ing president and here’s the deal” seminar. “After our talk here, if nothing substantive comes from it, my administration, department by department, is going to highlight the inequities in the economy, we’ll begin putting salary numbers to names and juxtaposing them with what the average joe makes. We’ll talk about the poverty line. We’ll wonder aloud how it is that the worst pollution, the dumps, the radioactive waster predominantly ends up in the backyards of poor folk.” “Ponder my friends the America you’ll be in when it’s you one day at whom Trump points his fickle finger of fate.”

A Fortune Teller Or Oracle In Search Of The Lines Of Fate In The Palm Of A Person. Fortune Telling By Hand, Predicting The Future
The new way of decision making

Bottom line: To save democracy the good guys have to start kickin’ ass, and takin’ names–at least from my perspective.



Bill’s final wonder is this. Under a Trump presidency, a DeSantis presidency, or an acolyte of same will his books join the list of those to be burned in the public square.

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