Old Tricks, New Apps: Trump and the Klan

There was a time when younger that I was involved myself in some dangerous things. To better help get an understand of the ghetto in Stamford, Ct., I and a mentor went on a “tour” beginning after midnight. Amongst other things, someone took a shot at me as in “bang” with a real gun. Churchill said,” There is nothing so exhilerating as being shot at and realizing they missed.”

Some years later I was one of only three people, excepting the infiltrator, to know about an 18 month long infiltration of the two KKK’s. By the way there is no “Klan.” There are many Klans. After the expose was printed, it earned me a late night telephone death threat. I don’t do that stuff anymore believing it is time for me to cede the field to people who are now as young as I was then. With age comes wisdom.

Fire Cross

One of the things that the Klan expose brought to light, is that you can’t trust a Klansman even if you are one. The ranking Klansmen routinely sold worthless things to their underlings–protection, insurance, etc–none of which was worth the paper upon which it was written. The offerings were a scam. The end of the expose was one Klansman, David Duke, selling his membership list to his chief competitor, Bill Wilkenson, and then going off to start a new organization undoubtedly with a copy of the list he had just given Wilkenson exclusive rights to.

Lest you think this offering is about the Klan, let me disabuse you quickly of that idea. It is about the President of the United States of America and his latest scam. The Trump campaign, and I think we can stipulate that “mechanically” they are one in the same,” has raised what the press is calling “staggering” sums of money. At this writing the sum is climbing past $175,000,000. In English that is one hundred and seventy-five million dollars. Like the red ink in the social service thermometers, it is climbing.

To me one thing is crystal clear apparent. The campaign is over. Yet hundreds of thousands, yea millions of folks haven’t gotten that memo. It reminds me of the radio preachers who would ask for donations then tell the faithful to put their hands on the radio and receive healing through it. Trump’s is worse. There is no end to faith like there is to campaigns. For the believer, Jesus is more than forever. Trump is not–or maybe we should look for a radio to bolster that prayer.

Saturday he went live in Valdosta, Ga. According to Reuters,  he gave “considerable time in his remarks to allegations, made without evidence, of widespread fraud in the nationwide election that led to a Democrat reclaiming the White House. Trump has declined to concede the race.” If he’s not conceding then what?

Here is the scam. According to the Washington Post, “the donations are purportedly being solicited for the Official Election Defense Fund, whose name is featured prominently atop the Trump campaign’s website.

The Thief

There is no such account, however (emphasis mine). The fundraising requests are being made by the Trump Make America Great Again Committee, a joint fundraising effort of the Trump campaign and the Republican National Committee. As of Nov. 18, that committee also shares its funds with Save America, a new leadership PAC that Trump set up in early November and that he can use to fund his activities after the presidency (emphasis mine).

For anyone without a young adults’ eyes and a magnifying glass, the print that tells you the money can be used to retire debts on personal expenditures, or setting up the infrastructure for the President’s post presidency political gambits, goes unseen. In other words, the givers, many of whom can ill-afford the donations because the Republican Senate won’t pass a relief bill and the President is threatening to veto the Defense Appropriations bill unless the names of Confederate luminaries whose names are on military bases, is removed. The money is being used to set up King Donald and his court of jesters and magicians. Say it with me, OMG!

There is something fishy about this, wouldn’t you say? A problem in challenging it now is that insistence by the President-elect that we can all get along. He does not want to rock the boat too violently as he tries to slide the nation into the hyperbaric chamber that will relieve us from the political bends from which we are suffering. There seems to be an absence of legal rulings that cover this. Challenging it is made more complicated by the numbers of moving parts it has. It will take time, a team of legal Clydesdales, and a lot of money. The decision probably will be rendered by the Supreme Court and pardon me if I have a case of pre-decision skepticism of the out-come.

And until then, what to do? Scream bloody murder! What has happened to this this country in the past four years, the day to day assault on the career civil service, the almost uncountable tsnami of lies, the purge of appointees with Trumpee’s and Trumpettes is happening because we let it. A great cry should sweep the land–STOP THIEF! Thousands of Joshua’s should man their horns and blow–TAKEAH–until walls of corruption fall to the ground. Democrat and Republican alike should read the sky-writing—YOU’RE BEING TAKEN!” Bill boards should align the highways and byways urging us to believe: “WE’RE BETTER THAN THIS!”

Why Pest Birds Can Be Dangerous And Aggressive Toward Humans

We are in a struggle for the soul of our precious nation–and there aren’t enough radios to go around.


Bill Gralnick shout’s “DANGER AHEAD” as the nation faces the vote of the electoral college and then the inauguration. It is one of the most serious and nerve-wracking times in our history. Worst of all, it is a chess game not a war. No cannons, no dead bodies. Like a stream in the woods, you can barely see the current moving.

Then again if you’d like something a little lighter for yourself, a friend, or relative try, “The War of the Itchy Balls and Other Tales from Brooklyn.” Amazon. Kindle or Paperback.

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